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International Transport Companies: Moving Your Car Overseas by Boat


Many transport companies that offer international services will transport your vehicle overseas by plane or, in most cases, by boat. Boats are the cheapest way to move your vehicle overseas and cleaner for the environment, but often take a few weeks for delivery.


When you compare transport companies that utilize boats to move your car overseas, look for companies that are familiar with your destination country. Preferably, the company will have an established working relationship with their global counterpart – a factor that can instill confidence in every step of the move.

An experienced international shipper will be able to guide you through the entire process, including:

  • Import levy
  • Documentation
  • Permits
  • Location of port
  • How and when to pick up your car
  • Vehicle preparations (pre-shipping)
  • Free, competitive car shipping rates

The company should be aware of any rules and regulations of a particular country such as whether you need to make modifications to your car, if your vehicle will be quarantined and how to register your vehicle. In addition, they should be able to provide you with the names and contact information of a government or transportation department in the event you need to obtain further information after the move. They should also be able to provide you with quotes for shipping household goods, if not check MovingQuotesNow.net

Types of Vehicles

Most companies offer car transportation services to ship a variety of different types of vehicles via boat, including:





In addition, many handle specialty cars such as classics, collector, vintage, antique, exotic as well as new or used imports.

Boat Transport

Transport Companies that use boats for international shipping provide different options for how your vehicle is placed and carried on the boat.

The most simple and economical choice is Roll-On/Roll-off (RORO), where you car is simply driven onto the deck of the ship and secured with braces and/or straps. Like open road vehicle shipping quote, RORO leaves your car exposed inclement weather and, depending on the position on the boat, possibly salty water or air.

A container offers an enclosed form of transport; your car is placed and secured inside a container portside or at a designated terminal and transferred onto the ship. Depending on the size, your car may share the container with other vehicles, equipment or miscellaneous cargo. Although fairly safe, there is always a small risk of an item becoming loose during transport or someone inadvertently damaging the outside of your car while loading other items in and out of the shared container.

The most secure option is an exclusive container that only holds your car. Depending on the company, country and items, you are usually allowed to place additional belongings inside the container.

In addition, you can rent or purchase a container. Purchased containers are often used for long-term storage purposes; however, keep in mind: containers are expensive, the shipping company, boat and/or country may have specific size, material and weight requirements and you need to provide a way to transport the container to/from the port as well as room to store it. Containers should increase your moving rates as well.

Best International Option

Using a boat to transport your vehicle internationally is often the best option in terms of price and eco-friendliness; although planes are faster, more international transport companies offer boat-shipping options. Research whether a company has specific experience with the destination country and then decide if RORO or container transport is best for you.