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Getting Better Car Transport Reviews and Tips to Avoid False Propaganda

If you are new to shipping industry and do not have much idea about which shipping company is right for your vehicle, going through car transport reviews can help you a lot. Unfortunately, the information available on the Internet can be easily modified and misused, so getting the right information may not always be a plausible option for a newcomer.

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In this article, I will share some exclusive ideas that will help you to locate the credible and useful reviews. Additionally, you may also find out what you should not consider while getting reviews of a company.

Where to Get These Reviews?

Never keep your eyes fixed over the testimonials listed on the company websites unless you have a good and solid reason to do so. As you know, anyone even the owner can write these testimonials.

The best place to do your initial research is of course by browsing different auto transport forums and community websites like carmovers.com, city-data.com, transportrankings.com, transportreports.com, transportreviews.com where you will find real people discussing about different car transport companies and sharing their experience with those companies. Indeed these are the good places to start your research.

But these are not enough. Why? It’s because with the advent of online marketing, it is quite a common phenomenon that many low-grade companies even hire reputation management personnel who write positive feedbacks in these forums, even when they are not experienced or not even hired the company for transportation job. So, you need to keep your eyes open. Count on the car transport reviews shared by long time forums users.

The best place to do your research is by visiting Better Business Bureau (BBB) website at your location and also by visiting US Department of Transportation (USDOT) website. Basically, you should take a note of those companies that are consistently voted higher in the above mentioned transport forums and then verify the reputation of those companies with BBB and USDOT to find out if they are really authentic and trustworthy.

How to Avoid Misinformation

  • Be wary of the companies offering extremely lower rate, if compared to the standard market price. No matter how good reviews they have, unless they have a higher BBB rating, count them out.
  • Transport companies that are too new to business. I am not saying that any new company is bad, but checking their consistency is really important, especially when you are planning to handover your most precious possession to them.
  • Don’t blindly count on sponsored links that appear on top of the search results. Appearing top in the search results does not necessarily translate to good companies.
  • Another good way to find false car transport reviews is to thoroughly investigate if the user shared the same comments in multiple forums or community sites. Many reputation management companies hire incompetent people to do the job and they simply copy-paste the same information to different places without really bothering about the end results. So just by doing an advanced search in Google, you can easily find out if it is a spam message spreading over the net.
  • If there is a prominent discrepancy between the car transport reviews and BBB rating, discard the company. For example, say XXX Ltd is a transport company and you find that many people are talking about it in different forums and most of these comments are positive, but the company has F rating on BBB. This is a clear case of discrepancy. Don’t take risk, just discard it.

So, you must have already understood that getting car transport reviews is really important to locate a transport company for the first time. Investing time and being patient can help you to save your time and money and to protect you from future hassles.